Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Formatted external hard drive recovery Mac

external drive recovery
As an essential component of a computer, hard drive is used to store a large quantity of data due to its large capacity. Occasionally, Mac users may format a hard drive when all data in it are useless. But unluckily, if users realize some valuable data in the hard drive are formatted, how to achieve external drive recovery Mac hard drive?

Since most users are not experienced in Mac operation and data restoration, formatted hard drive restoration is a hard task for them perhaps. Some of them even think data in formatted hard drive and other storage devices are not retrievable. Actually, this conception is wrong. It is very possible to recover data from formatted hard drive on Mac. Users just need a Mac hd recovery software for help

How to Conduct Formatted External Hard Drive Restoration on Mac
A perfect restoration application is going to be recommended to users – Mac Data Recovery, which allows them to recover data (including document files and media files) from Mac hard drive and external storage device. If users are not familiar with Mac data recovery, please read the following demonstration first. (Note: Please do not add any new data to the formatted hard drive if users want to perform formatted hard drive restoration.)

Users can easily recover formatted hard drive data by making use of it. Please view the following tutorial of how to perform external drive recovery on Mac to obtain the method.

Firstly, after launching Mac Data Recovery to enter the main interface, users can activate “Damaged Partition Recovery” module to begin. Next, choose the formatted hard drive to scan by hitting “Full Scan”. Users just need to be patient to await the scan result. When the scan is over, users can pick out the needed data and then click “Save” to put them to another intact drive. That’s all for the solution to external drive recovery on Mac.

After reading this demonstration, users are sure to know how to recover data from formatted hard drive on Mac. Hurry to download this Mac data recovery application to carry out Mac restoration when necessary.

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