Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Lost photos recovery on Mac

SD card, commonly seen in mobile phone, is used to save more data because the memory of mobile phone is small. Thus, various data are usually stored in the SD card, such as contacts information, apps and images. However, unlucky cases occur occasionally. For example, pictures may get lost from the mobile phone due to some reasons. Then, what can users do to recover deleted files from memory card on Mac?

Recently, users raise a question that how to perform SD card recovery for free on Mac. This is because SD card file loss frequently happens to them, while users don’t know how to perform the restoration. It seems to be a tough work for them to recover deleted files from memory card on their own.

How to Accomplish Picture Restoration from SD Card on Mac
Actually, the pictures will not be removed from SD card right away after being deleted. They are recoverable if not overwritten. So, please do not add new data to the SD card if users plan to perform image recovery. This application aims at recovering data from Mac partition (normal partition, formatted partition, logically damaged partition and lost partition) and external device. Here is a brief tutorial of micro sd card data recovery by using this software.

After installing the software on Mac, users can open it to get this interface and activate “Digital Media Recovery” module to start. Choose the SD card to scan by clicking “Full Scan”. After the scan comes to an end, users can utilize “Preview” to view the pictures to decide which ones will be recovered. After selecting the desired pictures, users can save them to another partition by clicking “Save”.

That is the general process to recover deleted files from memory card on Mac. It is so simple that common users are able to operate it with ease. Therefore, if users need to solve the problem of data loss, they are suggested to download the best file recovery software.

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